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For some people the purpose of life is to have a huge bank-balance, own palatial houses, ride air-conditioned cars, wear princely apparels and wield unlimited authority. It is nothing but a woeful delusion. The real purpose of life for which we are sent into this world is to improve our soul. This can be done by nourishing divine thoughts, possessing pure heart and attaining moral sublimit. For this we need inner strength-the strength to resist evil. If ever we are tempted to do an evil, we should think of its impact on the impact on the ultimate end of our life. If we are not going to make any spiritual gain out of anything, we should drop the idea of going ahead with it. Material gain is no gain. This gain is perishable. Only spiritual gain can improve and uplift our soul. We can make spiritual gain by doing good to humanity, resorting to truth and reciting god’s name in our daily life. In addition to it. We should follow the path of righteousness, live up to the noble ideals and lead a life of discipline. Spiritual elevation is the gist of purposeful life.

Urmiljit Kaur
Hony. Secretary


S. Balbir Singh

S.Balbir Singh

A Source of Great Inspiration
Late S. Balbir Singh
(5.12.1938 - 13.2.2008)
(Member Rajya Sabha 1992 - 1998)
(Member Lok Sabha 1994 - 2004)
Ex. President, Governing Council
Khalsa College Lyallpur Group of Institutions
(1973 - 2008)

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