Lyallpur Khalsa College for Women | Hostel
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Admission 2018


Home away from home, keeping this in mind, we make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible and offer a comfortable and safe hostel environment within the campus. A spacious hostel caters the needs of the students coming from outside the city.

LKCW hostel has beautifully landscaped and carefully tended gardens, provides an ideal environment for a congenial learning experience. Here is a campus that invites students out of their hostels to spend time after classes, amidst greenery and floral colour. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support.


The college has a beautiful hostel equipped with modern amenities. Though situated on the same campus, it is housed in a totally separate residential block. Located in an open compound with beautiful lawns laid with flowers, the building is surrounded on all sides by huge walls to ensure
safety and protection to the inmates of the hostel. It is a ventilated building with a spacious courtyard which apart from providing facilities to rest and relax in the open during the summer and enjoy the sunshine during the winter, is a good medium to keep the rooms well-lighted. On the back
side, each room has a separate verandah. The atmosphere in the hostel is very congenial for the harmonious development of personality. Conditions are conducive to good health and sound mind, enriching both body and soul by developing a sense of uniqueness as well as companionship among the
wards. The homely atmosphere does not let students stay aloof as no feeling of nostalgia haunts them.


Admission to the hostel is made clearly on the first come first serve basis. The fundamentals required for admission are good morals, discipline and good character. Seats in the hostel are limited and no one can claim admission in the hostel as a matter of right. It is compulsory for every student
seeking admission to the hostel to bring her father/guardian along her at the time of admission. In no case, younger sister or brother will be accepted as the guardian.


The hostel has a well-equipped Gurdwara where students assemble for collective prayer in the morning and evening. Akhand Path and Sehaj Path of Shri Guru Granth Sahib are done individually or collectively by the inmates during the whole year. Attendance at prayer is compulsory. Celebrations of Gurpurbs, anniversaries of Great Prophets and other festivals is a regular feature of the hostel. At the prayer-meetings, girls are acquainted with high ideals of Sikhism and other religions. Children are taught to believe in one Creator and ‘common brotherhood’, thus rising above the narrow barriers of colour, caste and creed.


There is a separate gate for the hostel to provide entrance only to authorised visitors who come to see the students.The gate is manned by gatekeepers 24/7 hours. Visitors are allowed to see their wards on visiting days at specified times. In an attempt to make hostel secure, the building is surrounded on all sides by huge strong walls. Three watchmen keep watching at night. For added security check, frequent surprise checks are made at night by the hostel Superintendent, Hostel Warden and even the Principal.


A fully qualified doctor visits the hostel in the morning to provide medical aid to the sick. The dispenser comes in the mornings and evenings to execute the instructions of the doctor. Two girls every year are given the medical duty to assist the superintendent in looking after the sick ones. Their main job is to give them prescribed diet and medicines etc. at the proper time and render the required help as necessary. Details about the sick ones are duly recorded in a notebook which is placed before the Principal every day after the doctor has visited the hostel. She personally attends to such cases that require special attention. All preventive measures are taken against seasonal diseases and epidemics so that students do not get affected. Illness in the hostel is a rare occurrence but if it is there, proper care is taken. In case of serious and infectious illness, parents are immediately informed and the student is sent home well escorted if required. College doctor renders medical aid, as per the requirement.


The advanced equipment has been arranged for the college hostel. To keep the campus clean, there is a separate whole time sweeper only for the hostel. On every Sunday, however, girls have to sweep their own rooms, dust them more minutely and remove the cobwebs. This is done to inculcate a sense of the dignity of labour and independence among the students. Hostel superintendent accompanied by two girls on cleanliness duty takes a round in the morning to check the cleanliness of the rooms. There is an adequate number of washrooms with provisions of hot water.


With the firm belief in ‘Healthy Mind resides in a Healthy Body’ the hostel has elaborate arrangements for open-air evening games. It is compulsory for girls to come out in the open and play one game or the other during the games period.


Students are expected to wear a simple, modest and tidy dress. This will keep them in good health and inculcate high morals. Dress should not be gaudy and attention attracting. Sleeveless, low-necked shirts, showy and ultramodern hairstyles, use of undesirable cosmetics will not be permitted at any cost. Any other thing objectionable in the discretion of the Principal will have to be stopped forthwith.


The hostel runs a mess where students are fully associated in order to make the kitchen a success. All efforts are made to provide wholesome and clean diet. Mess committee consisting of President, Vice-president and three members (all students) draws the menu and supervise the arrangement with the guidance of Hostel Warden and Hostel Superintendent. Mess charges are to be given in advance before the 10th of every month. No deductions/adjustment will be made in the mess account of the girl if she stays away from the hostel without leave however long the period may be.


The hostel has a well-furnished canteen which apart from refreshments, caters to the daily needs of students. Girls do not have to go the market for small errands. Girls can go to the canteen only during fixed hours in accordance with the needs of the time at the discretion of the Principal.

Hostel Incharges :

1. Dr. (Mrs.) Rupinder Kaur Warden
2. Ms. Shashi Sharma Superintendent

Admission to the Hostel would be made on first come first serve basis.

Every effort is made at LKCW to provide the best facilities to students who live in the hostel.