Lyallpur Khalsa College for Women | Institutional Distinctiveness
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Admission 2018

Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness
To empower woman by b lending values traditions and modernity the college caters to the holistic development of the students under its cave and thus flow a number of healthy v practices to keep its value s and traditions sage despite keeping with global trends
 The college has a healthy  practice of starting new session with sehaj path assemblies one conducted every week in uniform
 Skill development coursed
 No of extension lectures seminars international of national this provided both teachers and students a global exposure.
 Add on courses
 Our college has produced students excelling in every field , literature , art retail management IT , commerce, sports Etc.
 To educate students and other stakeholders to recognize types of diversity with regard to cast creed gender social portion and medical status aiming other patterns of difference
 Target groups
 Physically challenged individuals
 Psychologically disturbed
 Economically disadvantage sections.