Lyallpur Khalsa College for Women | Best practices
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Admission 2018

Best practices

Best practices

I Title of the practice: Regular Assembly                                

 Objective of the practice

  1. To impart value-based education.
  2. To imbibe values of group prayer among the students.
  3. To nurture and maintain a positive healthy culture which binds everyone together.
  4. To arouse social consciousness.
  5. To empower woman.
  6. To motivate the students by appreciating wide rewards and accolades on achievements in academics and co curricular activities.

The context

The college conducts assembly ever week All the students assemble in the assembly square, which is unique in the higher education institution It is used as a platform to provide information concerning colleges academic co-curricular, extension activities and the details of prizes won by students held at various levels. During assembly students are counseled and moral values are taught to them that are needed to live in a pluralistic society and contribute to national development.

The practice

  • The assembly is conducted by all the departments based on the schedule which is given in the college academic calendar students of the respective departments organizing the assembly with the help of teachers, assembly starts which the principal welcome to the gathering. It starts with the shabad – “Deh shiwa wer mohe eh” by the students, thought for the week, national pledge news for the week, interesting facts, subjects related information followed by prizes distribution to the winners and participants of activities and competitions
  • Respective department heads give message of values ethics and or social relevance.
  • Principal shows the information to staff and students and makes announcements Finally the prayer ends with the National Anthem.

Evidence of success

  • This unique practice provides an opportunity to meet together It is a symbol of college unity general assembly helps to nurture a sense of belonging towards the institution It provides information related to the curricular and extracurricular activities of the college. General assembly has fetched the outcome of Team coordination, ability to conduct programme, speak before a large gathering and developing confidence to organize. It Provides training platform for students in sharing their ideas about culture, ethics, values, and current affairs.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  • The main problem is time taken for assembling the entire students take more area from different blocks positioned in different parts of the campus.

II Title of the practice: Empowering and nurturing the girl child for a brighter Tomorrow

Objective of the practice

  • Community service for upliftment of girl child
  • Highlighting the rights of girl child
  • Generate awareness of education, nutrition and health in girl children
  • To provide immunization and complete medical care for the child
  • Decreasing the gender inequality


  • At the present scenario, the girl children in India are being neglected by the public when they are born. The gender inequality is faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender This inequality includes areas such as access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care and protection from discrimination, violence against woman and forced child marriage. Most of the parents are not at all interested in whole concept but by convincing and educating the parents they agreed to our project

The practice

  • The parents are educated and are counseled by our teachers about the gender indiscrimination. Parents are encouraged to make the child educated so that they can compete the society.
  • As our college is situated near bus stand and cantt road, we have maximum strength of those girls that come from rural areas our teachers visit these rural areas to the counseling of the same.
  • They are also given the scholarships based on merits. Needy students are also helped.
  • Earn while learn projects are also running in the college to give benefit to the students coming from the rural areas and who are economically backward, Intelligent needy and financially hard pressed so that they can earn to cope up with their expenses.
  • Moreover, book banks are maintained in every department to help such needy students.
  • To aware girls about their health care, various seminars are conducted in which highly reputed Doctors are invited. To aware there about their rights and law various seminars are conducted in which legal advises s are invited.

Evidence of Success: –

  • Scholarships have been provided to the needy.
  • Some alumni of institute are successful in building their bright career and working at top positions in reputed organizations.

Problems encountered and resources

  • Convincing some parents becomes challenging in the perspective of rigid belief
  • The care for health of girl child is lacking.